No alpha leaders, no beta teams. Brand concept and design for an identity-creating agency presence.


What is special about the culture of the digital agency SinnerSchrader? This was the question company founder Matthias Schrader asked himself after the takeover by Accenture Interactive. The simple solution: We ask the employees - who we are, how we work, what we do, and what we don't do. All employees were asked to get involved and contribute to this manifesto.


From the collected input, Bräutigam & Rotermund formed a book concept with six chapters presenting the employees, the values, and the studios. Infographics explain the agency processes and there is even an insight into SinnerSchrader's typical programming code. This gives applicants and interested parties an authentic insight into the agency. The book formally joins the NFO series (Transformational Products, Digital Fix - Fix Digital, and Product Field).


From a creative idea to an identity that shapes an entire brand. Learn about how we collaborate.