We live color: full-service print factory and pioneer in digital printing and customization.


Mediadruckwerk Gruppe GmbH is one of the largest, most innovative, and most creative printing factories in northern Germany. In recent years, Mediadruck has become a pioneer in modern printing technology and individualization.


To underpin this brand strategy, Bräutigam & Rotermund developed the new brand design and the claim “We live color”. Colorful circles and rectangles derived from the printing grid and the color control strip define the varied and lively appearance. The “Smiling M logo” was also designed from these components and, as a strong figurative mark, is emblematic of the personal and friendly contact that sets it apart from other large and online print shops.
In addition to a variety of print products, a modern and comprehensive website was also implemented. Since the website is not only intended to inform but above all to inspire, the products are staged in a high-quality digital showroom and enriched with pictures from the production. In addition, the responsible contact person for each project invites direct contact.


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