Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

Fostering culture. Building perspectives.


The Hamburgische Kulturstiftung connects contemporary art and culture with those who want to get involved. It supports up-and-coming artists as well as children and youth culture in Hamburg. Through its funding, it enables new artistic developments and forms of expression and accompanies artists at the beginning of their professional careers. Together with private sponsors, foundations, and companies, the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung works for a culturally vibrant Hamburg - and offers the opportunity for meaningful financial commitment.
The Hamburgische Kulturstiftung competes with a large number of other foundations active in the cultural sector and faces the major challenge of initiating a generational change among its sponsors and at the same time presenting itself more clearly and modernly to the target group of artists


To do equal justice to these two heterogeneous target groups, a fundamental revision of the strategy, the customer journey and a more target group-oriented approach was required.
The contemporary brand identity is characterized by the newly defined values of openness, trust and collaboration. It is characterized by a clear typographic use, a responsive design grid with plenty of white space and strong color accents. The design takes a step back to create space for the artists and projects supported. In the form of its HK monogram, the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung acts as a symbolic prism that visualizes, expands, and presents the entire spectrum of cultural diversity in Hamburg.


The HK monogram developed is both a figurative mark and a dynamic key visual that can adapt to all formats and circumstances.

The website structure has been redesigned to improve user experience and allow easy access to relevant content for different target groups.

The annual report is a crucial tool for external communication. It showcases the projects that received funding, highlights various initiatives, and explains ways in which others can get involved. It also provides relevant data, facts and figures from the previous year to support these efforts.

In print media, the design is kept simple and uncluttered to allow the content to stand out and present itself in the best possible manner. An organized layout with a clear grid and targeted use of typography plays a key role in achieving this.


“The BR*Studio team has a keen sense for combining stories, messages and design. The collaboration was characterized by creative excellence, trust, composure and flexibility and was very enriching for us on many levels.“

Gesa Engelschall Executive Board Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

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