New Work in 360°. Redesign of a full-service provider for office consulting, planning and supply.


Consulting, Planning, and Supply - New Work concepts made in Oldenburg. From a stationery store, W. Schumacher has now developed into a full-service provider for the future of work. In a 360° model, the company consults, plans, and develops individual concepts and highly functional solutions that increase well-being in modern work and living spaces, promote healthy productivity and give new scope to very different needs. In addition to designing structures, processes, and spatial concepts, the holistic approach also includes equipping office furniture, office technology, and office supplies.


W. Schumacher thinks holistically, human-centered, and visionary. Based on these collaboratively developed values, a modern and flexible brand design was created that focuses on people and their work environment. An agile pentagon spans spaces that can be played with again and again. The typographic mix of modern serif and grotesque type sets New Work in a dynamic field of tension. The company's future-oriented, digital mindset is also tangible on the website: the user-centered UX design with viewport and snapping content gets to the heart of W. Schumacher's flexible way of working and also visually stages the “trailblazer for the future of work” as a 360° pioneer for individual New Work concepts.


W. Schumacher creates sophisticated working and living spaces that increase the sense of unity and well-being - and thus also long-term entrepreneurial success.

From a creative idea to an identity that shapes an entire brand. Learn about how we collaborate.