Simplifying Progress: bringing the corporate design of the leading partner in the biopharmaceutical industry to life.


Founded in 1870, Sartorius AG is a listed pharmaceutical and laboratory supplier headquartered in Goettingen, Germany. With sales revenue of nearly 4.2 billion euros and almost 16,000 employees (as of 2022), the company focuses on the biopharmaceutical industry with its two divisions, “Bioprocess Solutions” and “Lab Products & Services“. With solutions along the entire value chain, Sartorius helps its customers increase efficiency in drug development and production and enable new and better therapies as well as affordable medicine.


After the Hamburg branding agency loved had already developed the corporate design basics, it was up to us to explore and manifest them. For digital, print, and motion - and in over 1,000 templates for worldwide use. In addition to defining layout systems and typographic styles, we also had to adapt the existing visual language and develop a new visual style. The new brand design was then implemented in datasheets and brochures, catalogs, and technical notes. In collaboration with Studio UNFOLD, a motion branding system, 3D visuals, and animations as well as product films were created. The redesign was recorded in a digital branding guideline.

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Based on the existing corporate design, we developed a layout system for over 1,000 templates for worldwide use.

A holistic motion branding system defined the style of 3D visuals, animations, and product films.

For current biotech topics, three-dimensional campaign motifs were created that bring complex, scientific content to the point in a simplified way.

Objective, but human: We designed an individual illustration style for the presentation of products and applications.


“Creative ideas, great project management and prompt implementation enhanced the collaboration. We are already looking forward to another project.”

Jessica Fröhlich Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, Global Marketing Campaign Manager Lead

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