Living, made simple. With a holistic brand experience for the digital real estate management of the future.


Placed stands for digital property management that makes renting and living easy: innovative, modern – and with a clear vision in mind. Driven by the goal of “Better Living”, Placed increases the satisfaction and quality of life of tenants through smart and user-friendly digital services. The focus is on the innovative tenant app, which can be used to digitally manage concerns relating to one's own apartment. On the Placed website, prospective tenants will find an online portal for easy apartment searches and digital renting without an agent.


In order to clearly distinguish the B2B business of the parent brand Reos, we developed Placed as an independent B2C brand, which is aimed at tenants and prospective tenants. The creative guiding idea of the brand design is the visualization of connections – because Placed connects tenants with their homes, the neighborhood, and the property management. Color code and typography establish a relationship with the parent brand Reos. A modern, photographic look and playful illustrations complement the warm and approachable brand world.


We developed a user-centric user experience for the target audience's key touchpoints and a clean, modern user interface design for the website and app.

Digital and simple access to a new apartment: Prospective tenants upload all important documents in the online rental process. Even the new rental contract comes digitally.  The tenant app keeps new tenants in touch with their property management company.


“Creative minds for really good brand design. BR*Studio immerses itself in the projects and turns them into something special.”

Lena Böhme Teamlead Corporate Communications

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