Travel Shopping, upgraded. A new brand identity for a new shopping experience at the airport.


Duffle is the “upgrade” for the travel experience and the innovative shopping app for everyone who wants to make airport shopping easier and more convenient. Funded by Gebr. Heinemann, the start-up opens up a whole new world of travel shopping for travelers, making it a pioneer in the quick commerce market: Duffle delivers everything, everywhere. In just 20 minutes - right to your gate or lounge. From the products, you love to the gifts for your loved ones.


The brand name Duffle says it all: the iconic travel bag of the same name inspires the bold brand design, which translates the values “smooth”, “reliable” and “inspiring” with a clear, recognizable color code. The two typical vertical straps of the “Duffle Bag” serve as a call-to-action in digital media and are inspired by a luggage conveyor belt in their movement. The clear brand design is complemented by a warm visual world that inspires the app's users to go shopping.


Travel Shopping, upgraded: Products from participating airport stores are delivered in under 20 minutes via the shopping app.

The clear brand colors are complemented by country-specific color codes. They provide the opportunity to communicate with travelers in a location-specific way.

For a strong, recognizable look, striking headlines, a bold color code, and quick-to-grasp typography play together in a clear brand design system.

BR studio - Duffle Travel Shopping
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