A for altonale. The festival of cultural diversity as a changeable brand identity.


The altonale is a non-profit organization that creates diverse, inspiring cultural experiences to connect people. Throughout the year, it creates a variety of event formats and publishes the Altona Magazine. The most important event is the eponymous altonale, northern Germany's largest cultural festival with up to 450,000 visitors each year and 220 events at over 80 different venues. The program includes cultural offerings from literature, film, art, dance, theater, music, and urban art, as well as the independent street art festival STAMP.


Together with the altonale team, we revised the brand strategy, defined a new purpose, and based on this, developed a variable brand design that does justice to the altonale's diverse cultural offering - both digital and analog. In addition to social media templates, we also designed the large-scale billboard opening campaign and various print media. Using the altonale brand design as a basis, we also implemented the basic design system for the street art festival STAMP.


The central element of the new brand design is the "Initial-A", which is derived from the abstracted streets of Altona. As a variable key visual, it can be filled with new life every year.

STAMP is the co-festival of the altonale and stands for performative arts in public space. The term "space" is becoming increasingly important: The artists develop their performances for and in a specific place that directly influences their art.

The dynamic website is the platform for all content and events of the 17-day festival. With a new user interface design and an improved user experience, the digital presence was modernized and usability was increased by a filterable calendar.

Different color, new key visual - and the rest remain as it is. The flexible design system also enables a high level of recognition of the altonale in subsequent years.

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