Die Zimmerei

Home is where you are. Micro-living for the next generation as a bold brand experience.


85,000 square meters
3,200 units
11 residential properties
in 10 major German cities and Vienna.

A working portfolio of the Bayerische Versorgungskammer (BVK) should be optimized in its digital possibilities and repositioned as an attractive, independent brand for a young target group. In addition to digital marketing activities, an online rental process and a free tenant app for communication, service, and property management were introduced. A rebranding was designed to make the new brand experience visible on-site.


DIE ZIMMEREI - the name was set, and everything else was open. The collaboratively developed brand strategy focused on the theme of “joy” and laid the foundation for the young and bold brand design, which is aimed primarily at students and young professionals. The striking key visual is the letter “Z”, which can be scaled variably - both analogously and digitally - within the design areas and resembles the floor plan of a room thanks to its concise negative shapes. In addition to the key visual, bold typography and textual tonality are further defining elements of the holistic brand experience. The implementation of the brand at all digital and physical touchpoints as well as the rebranding of the eleven locations could be realized in only four months thanks to the easily adaptable brand design.


The app developed especially for the new brand identity is the digital heart of ZIMMEREI. Here, residents can access all important contracts, information, and consumption figures, as well as chat with the property management and make appointments.

Close to the target group: For the brand's digital touchpoints, a typical day of ZIMMEREI residents in Hamburg was documented photographically and brought to life in an image film.

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Holistic brand design with a system: At all ten locations in Germany and Vienna, the new branding was made visible through alterations in the entrance areas and extensive filming in all building complexes.

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