Bakery Films

Creative excellence, made visible. With a new brand identity for an international film production from Hamburg.


Bakery Films is a film production company from Hamburg that realizes creative solutions for high-quality and international productions. For the new brand identity, it was therefore particularly important to visually convincingly stage the area of tension between serious film production and innovative creative site.


In a collaborative workshop, we sharpened the brand strategy, developed the new purpose “Driving Creative Excellence at Ease” and established the brand values with which we developed the new corporate design. 
We translated Bakery Films' flexible, creative, and consistently professional approach into a dynamic stage on which content of any kind can be played.


The stage that opens up between the “B” and “Y” can be filled with any content: photo or video material, text or illustrations - in other words, everything that Bakery Films also produces in terms of creative output.

The website is Bakery Films most important touchpoint. It celebrates the creativity of the film production company and stages the new brand identity in a playful way.

From a creative idea to an identity that shapes an entire brand. Learn about how we collaborate.