Be nice on the web: together against hate speech on the internet


In order to counteract the increasing number of hate comments and false reports, the Bücherhallen Hamburg together with ichbinhier e.V. has launched the project #DUBISTHIER. Through various event formats such as lectures, workshops, readings, and discussions, participants are encouraged to take an active stand against hate on the Internet, show civil courage, and practice counter-speech.


Strong words deserve a strong typeface. Based on Sharp Grotesk, we have developed a bold and variable design system that has an answer to all formats and lends expression and emphasis to the arguments of #DUBISTHIER. The core element of the initiative is the newly developed website with an interactive calendar that promotes upcoming events and allows participation directly online. In order to promote #DUBISTHIER in a striking and target group-relevant way, we developed a tonality that uses the stylistic device of youth language and combines German and English language.


Strong cooperation partners: The Bücherhallen Hamburg and ichbinhier e.V. gave rise to the digital initiative #dubisthier and the modern color world.

BR*Studio – Du bist hier. Initiative gegen Hate Speech.

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