Designing care experiences beyond beauty. Brand strategy and brand design for a new generation of clean deodorant sticks.


The Greenborn brand was born out of the need to develop a natural and sustainably effective deodorant for the premium segment. Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, holistic luxury, and the visual arts, the new brand was to stand out from the homogeneous-looking competition and grow beyond the limits of today's perception of body care.


The bold brand design and experience are based on the values of “Pure Scandinavian,” “New Luxury,” and “Artistic Spirit,” which were developed in collaboration with the Danish founder. In addition to the elegant figurative brand mark, an intense color code, and bold typography, the brand features artistically staged product photography and renderings, created collaboratively with our creative network.


Iconic, timeless, and clear: each fragrance note was given its own, speaking name and a minimalist key visual composed of its initials.

For an overall aesthetic experience, Greenborn is inspired by the visual arts. The stylishly reduced staging was created in collaboration with Studio Tusch.

Shopify is the basis of the individually designed and developed web store that brings the naturally inspiring world of Greenborn to life digitally.

With an eye for the essentials: For a consistent social media experience, we collaborate closely with the team at Greenborn on content creation.


“BR*Studio stands for the perfect combination of human and professional sovereignty.
With an admirably reflective and analytical as well as convincingly international approach, the BR*Studio team gives creativity a new dimension. Rarely have we felt so comfortable and in absolutely safe hands.”

Iben Bering Founder and CEO Green Trend Trading / C Faces Trading Company

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