The Strategy Consultancy for Neues Wachstum: Brand Design for the Sustainable and Digital Transformation Specialists


diffferent (fff) has been a thought leader for courageous companies and organizations for over 25 years. As a strategy consultancy with digital and sustainable DNA, they translate strategies and innovation processes into products, business models, services, and experiences with impact. diffferent has been part of the internationally operating SYZYGY GROUP since 2017.


diffferent started its journey to become an even more innovative, responsible, and regenerative organization at the beginning of the year 2023 and transformed itself into a “strategy consultancy for new growth”. We accompanied this strategic realignment through workshops, questionnaires, and interviews to collaboratively define new company values and a purpose that makes this transformation visible. “Transforming business and giving impulses for a sustainable future” is the basic principle of fff, which we translated into a modern brand design through the classical theory of movement according to Aristotle.


A body moves only when a constant force is applied: this physical principle is the basis of the design - diffferent moves and transform the state of their clients.

Flexible corporate structure:
diffferent's new service offering, with the business units Brand & Transformation Strategy, Company Innovation, Digital Growth, and Sustainability Transition, is focused on the topic of Neues Wachstum and can also communicate and acquire independently in the future.

Playful elements: Animations and cinematic content invite visitors to discover the new strategic direction and engage with the theme of transformation.

Consulting with impact: 3D visuals and animations translate diffferent's innovative and digital approach to transforming companies and organizations sustainably.


“The branding process was characterized by collaboration at eye level, analytical excellence, empathy galore - and a rare strategic sense for the hidden nuances that make all the difference.”

Kristina Bonitz CEO diffferent

From a creative idea to an identity that shapes an entire brand. Learn about how we collaborate.