Next 2018

Digital Fix. Fix Digital. The conference on the renewal of the digital world.


NEXT initiates discussions on topics that are essential for the future: How does innovation in the age of machines affect everyone? How are human behavior and customer expectations changing? And what does this mean for the drivers of digitization? NEXT CONFERENCE 2018 is all about how to innovate the digital world. How we take back control. How we master the digital world - and how we prevent it from mastering us. Digital technology and its negative impact on social structures pose numerous problems to our societies today, for which there are no easy solutions.


Bräutigam & Rotermund translated this problem visually through technical-looking 3D objects that make use of organic textures and movements. Together with a modern and friendly color code, striking typography, and various "warm" materialities, as well as spatial quotations from the laboratory and workshop world, an overall graphic concept was created that set a strong contrast to the digital themes of the tech conference. The varied and modular design system was implemented in cooperation with the SinnerSchrader design team and ran through all analog and digital media of the three-day conference.


From a creative idea to an identity that shapes an entire brand. Learn about how we collaborate.