Hargrove Real Assets

Infrastructure and Real Assets Advisory


Hargrove Real Assets is a boutique law firm that handles every phase of an energy or infrastructure project, both greenfield and brownfield, from bidding through development, financing, construction, ownership, investment, and operation of such assets.


As a boutique law firm, Hargrove Real Assets is an absolute specialist in its niche and wants to clearly distinguish itself from the traditional environment of large law firms through its modern approach. For this purpose, we developed a digitally driven brand design that sets a benchmark in this segment through its boldness.


Technical and serious but still approachable: these contrasts run through the entire brand design: from typography to color code, iconography, and imagery.

Card and image modules with their rounded corners quote the H image mark and provide a contemporary look in the user interface design.

From a creative idea to an identity that shapes an entire brand. Learn about how we collaborate.