Proud to be united: brand design for the campus opening of Beiersdorf


The new Beiersdorf Campus unites employees from two locations into one - in the heart of Hamburg, where it all began over 140 years ago. Covering 51,000 square meters, the campus offers the approximately 3,000 employees at the Hamburg location a wide range of opportunities for dynamic work. The move was to be accompanied by an internal communications campaign, culminating in a major two-day opening ceremony. The #proudtob symbolizes the community of employees that work together on the new campus.


To announce the move and to celebrate and stage the two-day campus opening, we developed a design system based on the characteristic floor plans of the five Beiersdorf buildings C.ONNECT, A.CTION, R.OOTS, E.MPOWER and X.PLORE. The system is based on the idea that all Beiersdorf employees are now united on the campus. The overlapping of the areas creates new perspectives and synergies - just like between the employees on the numerous collaboration areas. The flexibly adaptable design system was used throughout the campus. From the save-the-date invitation, to the campus opening app, to the large-scale window stickers, from the nametag to the keynote presentation.


The characteristic floor plans of Beiersdorf buildings are the basis for a dynamic and style-defining pattern.

Elements of the campus opening design are also reflected in the buildings' permanent signage system.

Employees were able to access information about the program via an event app. In addition to the digital touchpoints, there was also print material such as a campus map.


“The Campus Opening design could be seen practically everywhere. An insanely strong and consistent overall impression and therefore also a huge success for Beiersdorf.”

Marie Boden Project leader Beiersdorf Campus

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