StBK Berlin

The guide of an industry.


The Berlin Chamber of Tax Consultants looks after the professional interests of its more than 4,000 members but is also a controlling body and thus a point of contact for its clients. The newly elected executive committee put a new strategic orientation and its translation into a visual image at the top of the agenda.


Bräutigam & Rotermund conducted several workshops and interviews with members together with the entire board, gathered important insights, and identified unused potential. Based on this, we developed a new brand strategy, redefined services, and translated this essence into a new brand identity. The StBK Berlin sees itself both as a guardian of professional interests, and a controlling body, but also as an innovative driver in strengthening the tax consulting profession. A stylized compass as a trend-setting key visual, a sympathetic typography, as well as a modern color scheme and tone of voice are intended to make the StBK Berlin more attractive again, especially for young professionals, and to set a transformation process in motion.


The newly conceived and designed annual report documents the year's specific topics and events, as well as provides information about the budget.

From a creative idea to an identity that shapes an entire brand. Learn about how we collaborate.