Achieving better health together


Mundipharma is a leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology provider specializing in marketing and sales that, together with its partners, aims to give more patients access to innovative and affordable treatment alternatives. After key patents expired in 2017, the company underwent a transformation and relocated from Limburg to Frankfurt.


Bräutigam & Rotermund accompanied Mundipharma throughout the entire transformation process and initially developed the new brand values in workshops and created the German claim "Achieving more health together." The visual translation of the new orientation became visible in a revised logo, new colors and fonts, an individual icon set, and a clear graphic and visual language. The Mundipharma sphere is the central design element here. Excerpts from the sphere repeatedly form varied backgrounds and also ensure the new Mundipharma look in images.
The corporate design was also transferred to product communication. Here, the sphere is used in different colors. The website, as the company's flagship, was restructured, redesigned, and implemented according to the latest web standards. The new 2,400 sqm open-plan office was planned and furnished in cooperation with the architects. Internally, we also provided ongoing support for Mundipharma's employer branding with publications and events. This resulted in numerous media from the HR campaign to the Who's Who, from the asthma phrasebook to the image brochure.


Spatially, the sphere concept was achieved by breaking it up into points that extend across all glass surfaces in the new Mundipharma office.

To cover all topics of the new website and all other print products, a mixture of shooting and stock material was used. Both were aligned by a newly developed corporate look.

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