Power to your ideas. With a brand experience that gives tech innovations a stage.


GNERATOR is the start-up accelerator of GIRA, one of the leading German electrical engineering companies, which is primarily known for its intelligent, future-proof system solutions for networked building control.

In line with its claim “Power to your ideas”, GIRA's aim is to promote sustainable, long-term partnerships and exciting innovations in the trendy areas of Smart Data and Analytics, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and User Centric Design.


Visually, we translated the company's drive by quoting the field line: It illustrates the magnetic forces within an electrical generator. As a clearly recognizable key visual, the individually generated field line pattern is used across all media. A custom font and an icon set in stencil look additionally underline the dynamic design idea.


GNERATOR Stencil: The striking headline font is the central design element of the brand design.

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