Iterative meets agile.


Factorial are real nerds. And that in a positive sense! The Hamburg-based development studio is completely dedicated to iterative and agile work processes in order to stay one step ahead of the ever faster-changing demands of digital media.


Since aesthetics play a major role in the work of the Factorials, Bräutigam & Rotermund worked closely with the three founders and developed a modular identity that is emblematic of the constant change in the digital world. A gaudy color code distinguishes the three focal points frontend, backend, and DevOps. Bräutigam & Rotermund not only designed all print media but also supported Factorial with the digital applications, the responsive website, and the company presentation.


Unlimited possibilities: 
Via a self-programmed generator, Factorial can generate and play out over one million different logo variants.

Clear structure: The website should have a reduced design with few but targeted effects to run performantly.

From a creative idea to an identity that shapes an entire brand. Learn about how we collaborate.